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Here are some presentations I've given. These can all be delivered in conference or workshop format.

Storage space management procedures and patterns for Operations teams in High Uptime environments

This presentation is about handling log files without losing any, for when they're required by compliance but you also have a lot of them on your servers.

This has been delivered to Unix and application support teams at top tier investment banks and other financial services companies.

Logging Guidelines To Avoid Driving Operations Staff Into Madness

Tuned from years in high pressure, high volume, environments where the threat of alert fatigue is real. Learn about all the best practices for logging, as well as some worst practices you really must avoid.

Top tier investment banks have paid attention, and lower tier companies have looked away in shame. Be the one that pays attention to what your log files contain.

What Your RF Signature Says About You

Presented at B-Sides Perth 2018, this colourful photo gallery gives you some ideas about how creepy marketing companies, advertisers, governments, and nosey neighbours are tracking you and what you can do about it.

As featured on the front page of WiGLE.net: In addition to mentioning WiGLE (!), it's jam packed with exactly the kind of information and security/privacy concerns about wireless WiGLE exists to highlight!

What time is it?

How do we know what time is it, and why should we care? An overview of how we synchronise time, other ways of finding out the time, and what breaks when our clocks are wrong.

Lessons Learned from Running Globally Distributed Systems

A program that spans the globe? You're going to run into some interesting problems. Save yourself the hassle and watch this presentation to save finding out for yourself when you first release into production.